Before you rush out there and start creating
a blog to make money, there are important matters you need 
to hammer right into your skull about blogging.

These are factors tthat will affect your blog's 
popularity and profitability. You ready? Here goes:

Personality – You'll need to have this to differentiate
your blog from the hundreds of thousands of other
blogs out there. A winning personality, however, is
not just posting jokes or writing controversial stuff.
You'll need to build rapport with the reader and offer
him/her games with small prizes, ask them questions
and offering content that is unique.

Content has to be top notch -Why do people keep 
coming back to certain blogs? It's because some blogs
offer solid content to make the reader keep coming back
repeatedly to read the content provided. To help keep 
your loyal readers informed, fit in RSS buttons so 
visitors can subscribe to the feed. 

Squeeze the most out of your blog- We're talking about
getting all that profit juice out of a single blog, because
if you can do so, it would mean you don't have to worry
about or depend too much on another blog to generate
income for your living expenses.

Persevere- Profitable blogging isn't an overnight miracle. 
You'll need a fair share of effort, time and a tough as nails,
never say die attitude. Sure there will be days you want to
totally quit, but tell yourself that the profits will come soon,
or if you have already made some, be thankful for them and
continue striving to make more. 

There are of course the other methods affecting your blog's 
profitability, but I've just covered the basics of what you need
to make your blog a success. 

In the next email, you will discover why free blogs aren't an
ideal vehicle to start out with seriously if you want to make
proper profit from your blogs. However, if you don't have 
much money, go ahead and start with a free blog, and then
work up to a premium blog that will cost you a few dollars
a month.
To your blogging profits,