The first thing I learned,and what you need to do
before starting a blog is finding a niche that you would
like to 
write about. 

My wife and daughter had read some of my writings
to newspapers, Facebook, and e-mails, and suggested
my niche could be about my passions that I was
already sharing about helping people: writing grants, teaching
others to write grants, personal and spiritual development, 
and helping people learn about, and help others.

A niche is a targeted, focused topic that a specific
target group are found in.This could be wide-range
topics like internet marketing, or less common ones
like weight loss through lemon juice diets. My niche
was merely about helping people through various

Some niches you develop can be further separated into
sub-niches.  Examples are weight loss as a niche, then
divided into sub-niches like: into Atkins diet, lemon juice
diets etc.

What I did, and what you can do is jot down a list of topics
you want to explore and share. Preferably, you should have a
passion for your topic, 
because there is no point doing something
you hate. If 
you're having trouble thinking of topics or have not much 
information about them, you'll have to do some research. Because
I had already been writing grants and raising money for others, I
took a lot of my notes from my workshops and seminars, and did
some up-to-date research to ensure I was giving readers solid,
but also, current information.  My blogging on making money
caused me to do a LOT of research because I had been helping
a lot of people, but hadn't made a lot of money as I was more
interested in helping than in making money.  As I have become
older, I have discovered helping others AND making money can
be so much more fun!

When you start out blogging, being with topics you have some
 interest in, maybe like diets or weight loss.  You can visit popular
forums and discussion boards and pay 
attention to what is being talked
about. You can also watch and 
listen to the news, read popular
newspapers and magazines 
for ideas for your topics.  I did a little
of that, but did more from my experiences, and from interacting
with people.  I also listened to conversations people were having
about their personal or spiritual development, making money, helping
their family, and making and keeping more money and paying out
less taxes!

I would like to suggest some tools here, starting with  Google
Zeitgeist -You can use it to find out search patterns, trends, 
and the fastest rising search queries. In other words, use
the Internet to find out what's buzzing, and what people are
searching for when they look for information.

Of course, there's Yahoo Buzz for you to explore many different
topics and see what the current "buzz" is. Yahoo also has a site called 
"Yahoo Answers," where you can ask a question and get loads of 
answers from people interested in that niche.

Last but not least, there's EBay Pulse, which provides current 
trends and popular searches in the different EBay markets. 
You can use this tool to find hot topics to blog about as well.

Take your time in finding your niche. Find out after some research if
the niche you selected is a golden egg or a lemon...

To your blogging profits,