A bit of history about the blog here:

Blogs started as sort of 'online dairies' to 
record the ramblings of writers, journalists
and students.

At first, they started off using online bulletin
boards and basic webpages but over time, 
people started to created specialized tools and
web templates for writing these specialized 
online dairies a.k.a blogs. 

After the explosion of web 2.0, blogs became
a huge part of the everyday life of modern living,
with people from all walks of life, e.g students,
journalists, artists, businessmen and many others
making use of this new medium to spread their
personal messages.

In fact, tons of small to medium enterprises fit 
blogs into their webpages as a form of 'public
relations' in order to reach out to their prospects.
A few big companies have gotten into the act as well.

My point in telling you all this? Blogs are an 
important element to add to your online business or
business web page, and your blog is something
you'll need them in order to build trust and with 
trust, your prospects convert into buyers easily.

This blogging course will show you what you need
to do so you can easily use blogging to bring in heaps
of traffic for your sites.

Ready? Alright lets get started...

To your blogging profits,

Mr. Ed